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Opensaw is the spiritual successor of demonsaw which is 100% MIT open source! Opensaw is an encrypted communications platform that allows you to chat, message, and transfer files without fear of data collection or surveillance from governments or corporations. Opensaw is free for anyone use, and the source code can be found here:

All versions available here are signed with Eijah's private PGP key, and should be checked every time. All versions signed by Eijah are approved of Eijah. ALl other versions should be used cautiously.


Opensaw works by routing strongly end-to-end encrypted traffic using the HTTP protocol over TCP on port 80 through "routers". This makes the traffic look fairly normal, and should under normal circumstances not get blocked by firewalls. Routers are agnostic, meaning they don't know anything about the data that flows through it, and have no ability to decrypt or even make sense of the data it relays. The only data a router can get are clients' IP, and the timestamp of connections and transfers. Routers are also federated, meaning the data can be transferred from several clients through several transfer routers. Clients are unable to talk directly with each other, therefore protecting client IPs from each other.

For frequently asked questions, advanced configuration options, and information on how to setup your own secure network; check out the community-sponsored site: Opensaw Wiki


Compatible with Windows 8 and up

Download Opensaw   1.0   (64 bit) ((placeholder))
Download Opensaw   1.0   (32 bit) ((placeholder))
Download Demonsaw   4.1.1   (64 bit) 328f97560d5efe005e10a5a792e6585679cbcd7366a298b0ac9f0073d2553383
Download Demonsaw   4.1.1   (32 bit) b8d7da95803748d339edbeadf38dc56687d329c848870afdb34ccbdae9dec2cf

Legacy Windows

Compatible with Windows 7 and up

Download Demonsaw   4.0.3   (64 bit) 5acb61867558a6d7212c9a1e0b6f416d4d7537374068fc4bba4249e1216dc05e
Download Demonsaw   4.0.3   (32 bit) 47ca5b8ebe40e1f091d6e95b2f052e1bb2bcbcabd40779cce97b1bfa421d9d3f


Compatible with Debian 8+ and most 64 bit GNU derivatives

Download Opensaw   1.0 ((placeholder))
Download Demonsaw   4.1.1 c06dfd365fe09b224b95055a542877f57f96059d90ffeca843ff72be8f7a54da

Macintosh OSX

Compatible with Yosemite 64 bit and up

Download Demonsaw   4.0.3 26442007e9e4ff889af488f8f31d1679a6c294f799dd579b0730d450c02adc17


Compatible with Windows, Linux, OSX, and ARM

Download Opensaw router   1.0 ((placeholder))
Download Demonsaw router   4.0.3 e61640f3bf1346704ba87e6c806c89fa5b4b99f6a602dbcbf2afa93ef4c54119

Eijah can be reached:

PGP: 21EF 5E86 B18C 80EF
Twitter: @demon_saw
And of course, on Opensaw!

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